Saturday, January 30, 2010

All things Alice

I was reading a post over at PARTY WISHES, one of my favorite blogs and Donna was talking about the new Alice in wonderland movie coming out.I am also really excited.I have always loved anything Alice. To add Johnny Depp,even in His weird persona just makes it better.
So here are all the Alice items that I love!
The song was written by Adam Lambert, Evan Bogart and Greg Wells. Greg Wells also produced this song.

This is a surprise presentation at the Magic trade-show in Las Vegas kind of cool..

This is a wonderful party that I have seen and would love to duplicate! from Jessica Claire's excellent photography blog.

Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland

The make-up and costumes are fabulous. It looks a bit strange as all Tim Burton movies do. I wonder if its ok for my 11 year old? Anyone know the rating!

I have always loved the real stories of the authors and how they come up with such fabulous stories?
Lewis Caroll
One of my favorite children's authors.

There is so much Alice out there it's amazing!

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