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 Sleepover party
Invite your favorite wizards over for a night at Hogwarts filled with spells, potions and a game of Quidditch. Theses decorating details, food ideas and games from’s Yelena Johnson are sure to keep young wizards occupied throughout the night.
Hogwarts Feast:

Create a Hogwarts feast to serve the witches and wizards.
Hogwarts Menu
Turkey leg drumsticks (the big, Renaissance fair style legs)
French fries
  • Charmed Cupcakes from the Honeydukes Sweet Shop (sprinkle pop rocks on top so they pop and crackle when eaten)
  • Jelly Beans labeled with all of the grossest Bertie Bott’s flavors (earwax, baked bean, spinach). Jelly Belly has a line called Bean Boozled, with weird and wacky flavors that would be perfect for the Hogwarts party.
Hogwarts Party Decorations:
Turn the inside of your home into a Hogwart’s replica with crests, animals and candlestick holders suspended in air.
Create the Hogwart’s Crest
Find a picture of the Hogwart’s crest online and print it out. Find an artistic friend of family member to redraw the crest in Sharpie marker on an old white sheet or large piece of foam core board. Color in the crest after the main images are drawn, and hang it over the dining area or in the sleepover room.
To go all out, also draw the individual crests for each of the houses – Gryffindor (the griffin), Slytherin (a serpent), Ravencrest (an eagle) and Hufflepuff (a badger).
Hogwart’s Dining Hall
Set up your dining room table to look like Hogwart’s dining hall. Here’s how:
Gather four candleabras
Place two on the table and suspend the other two in midair by tying them securely with fishing line and attaching the fishing line to a small hook screwed into the ceiling. Alternately, hang light mason jars from the ceiling or current lighting fixture with lit tealight candles inside so mimic the floating candles in Hogwarts.
Underneath the two candelabras on the table, place two small stacks of Harry Potter books with other items a Hogwart’s student might bring to the table; e.g. glasses, a magnifying glass, a jar with a potion, a jar with a bug or two inside, etc.
Hogwart’s Animals
Each student can bring a cat, rat, owl or a toad. Purchase a few stuffed or plastic versions of these and place them strategically throughout the party area – even on the Hogwart’s dining table.
Hogwarts Party Activities
Potter Potions
Let the witches and wizards create their own potions to drink. Here’s what you’ll need:
- Pop Rocks
- Fizzing Soda like Sprite
- Sparkling lemonade
- Food coloring
- Different colored sherbet (green, pink and blue work well)
1. Ask each house of wizards and witches to work together to create their tastiest concoction and determine a winner after the drinks have been tasted.
Harry Potter Trivia Game
Test the witch and wizards’ knowledge of Harry Potter trivia. Glean questions and answers from the Harry Potter Wikepedia page, which is chock-full of good information.
A Hogwarts party wouldn’t be complete without a rousing game of Quidditch.
Quidditch Supplies & Set Up:
- Two hula hoops hung from high spots at either end of the field
- Soft large Quidditch balls
- One small ball painted gold to serve as the Snitch
- A Set of Quidditch rules explained to the players before-hand
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