Monday, December 13, 2010

The hills are alive.....

The biggest component of the party were the costumes. I decided to make green and white curtain outfits for each of the children attending. If, for some strange reason, you've never seen the movie, there is a seen where Maria (Julie Andrews) makes play clothes for all the children out of old curtains hanging in her room. I was ecstatic that I actually found green and white toile curtains at the Alameda Antique Fair a few months ago. Even better was that it was enough material for all the little outfits! Because the children attending Pen's party ranged from age seven months to three years old (and because each kid in the movie has a unique outfit), I decided to pick a different pattern for each one of the birthday outfits. 

For the backdrop, I stitched various fabrics into this Alps scene. The cupcakes were topped off with images of "Favorite Things."

The party gift bags were also simple references to the brown paper packages tied up with string.
Here's Penelope in her costume. I pieced it together from two patterns. One, a vintage shirt pattern from the 1970s. The other, a modern dress pattern.
And finally, all the children in their costumes:

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