Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Momiji dolls...aren't they adorable!

Momiji dolls are message dolls which are a form of creative Japanese kokeshi doll. They are designed by award winning manga artist, Joanna Zhou. 
Momiji dolls, being Kokeshi, have no arms or legs and are handmade from wood . On the base of the Momiji doll there is  a tiny hidey hole. Inside this there is a small card. This small card tells something about the Momiji doll’s likes and has her name and something she likes to say too.


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Anonymous said...

Yes they are adorable. At first I thought they were just an imitation of the kokeshi, but now I know they have a great philosophy behind them: spreading the love by creating bonds between people who share the same interest for Momiji Dolls. Great post, keep spreading the love!