Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love Barbie!

Drop by the Tiny Frock Shop for fabulous pre-loved vintage clothes for dolls. Owner Pamela Thompson has something to suit every doll with pieces ranging from “mid twentieth century to present“. Some of the pieces are mass produced, others homemade. You can shop by color, pattern or just browse through the racks and see what you stumble upon, op-shop style. There’s everything from wedding dresses and harem pants to leatherette jackets and shoes. Plus, as only a Barbie fan can appreciate, there’s a whole section devoted to jumpsuits.
Some of the pieces start at just fifty US cents, others are as much as $15.00, depending on their vintage status. Tiny Frock Shop only ships within the US but try contacting them directly if you really, really fall in love with a piece – I don’t think my daughter’s Barbie can live without the navy spotted seventies dinner-party dress.

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