Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is coming!

It's amazing how much a little sunshine can inspire and excite.
All's been quiet this last momth in the childrens party business.Parents are just coming out of Holiday slump.I know Easter is on its way but it seems to signal 'spring is coming'.With that I think We feel able to plan our upcoming year.Enter a client!!! I just love a brand new party to plan,the expectation of our first meeting,the excitement of picking a theme...I love it!

I am really hoping Alice is in my future, I love all things Mad Hatter, Strawberry Tarts, flamingo's.The list goes on.The last time I did an Alice theme my daughter turned 4. That was quite a few years a go.One of my favorite sites is

The best Alice party ideas .

Another thing that I have a passion for are Invitations I love this site, very retro

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