Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Cute Thank you

I was excited to offer one of my party packages to
my daughter's preschool,She is currently in 4th grade,
so it was so great to still support such a great school.
The family that bid on my party and won were so happy!
They called and I will be planning a Monkey party for the cutest little five year old.
The letter on the right is signed by the whole class.
What a wonderful feeling I got from this letter!
I will post pics or you can check out my website,next
I'll keep you posted.

Another reason I have been MIA. I have a Girl Scout troop and we are planning our
yearly camping trip,once all the cookie money was counted!!! They are so excited and my favorite part.It's complete with cabins and 'bathrooms'.I know it's not really camping but I'm not 10 any more!!!

cheery' o for now.

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