Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And they lived happily ever after.

royal wedding highlights

Who didn’t love the Royal Wedding! Everything about it was pure perfection and all the details are sure to stand the test of time and naturally have an influence on many a wedding in the near and distant future. Here are the things we think are going to set a trend…
The Getaway Car: My favorite thing of all! The balloons, ribbons, the “Learner” love sign and of course! The JU5T WED” number plate! Going to have try get my hands on all of the above for the shop – what do you think?
The Make Up: We were amazed and impressed that Kate did her own make up! What a brilliant idea for DIY brides. Not only do you learn a new skill but one you will benefit from for a lifetime.
The Hair: Kate wore it down - we like it that she chose her natural style and therefore no sudden surprises. Plus, this is a style that many a bride can also pull off herself.

The Bouquet: Proving that less is sometimes more! We love that it was all white, and more importantly each flower was chosen for it’s Victorian meaning – how appropriate that “Sweet William” was included.

The Other White Dress: Whilst traditionalists would say only the bride should wear white, Pippa Middleton’s white bridesmaid's dress was a stunner! Proving that bridesmaids can wear white AND a dress that they actually like!
The “Little” Bridal Party: The British tradition of having a large but “little” bridal party is too cute. What better way to avoid the “bridesmaids’ dilemmas” and simply opt for a whole bunch of little flower girls and pageboys. Then just have one maid of honor and best man to perform the ceremonial duties.
The Giving Gift Registry: William and Kate opted for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts. What better way to give to others especially for couples who already have all the house goodies they will ever need.
Words and photos by In good company!

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