Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's day May 8th..in case you forget!!!

Mother's Day has a  tendency to 'sneak up' on us, right? No matter how much we love our mums and how often we think of them - somehow the Mother's Day holiday comes along and catches all of us, well, empty-handed with no idea what to get the woman who started it all.

Famous moms

Vintage 'Got milk?' ad featuring famous TV moms, 1998

Mrs. Partridge (Shirley Jones) from The Partridge Family; Mrs. Cunningham (Marion Ross) from Happy Days; and Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) from The Brady Bunch.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and step moms out there!

Famous Moms

Grace Kelly and children Caroline,Stephanie and Albert
Jackie Kennedy and son John
Audrey Hepburn and son Shaun
Shirley McClaine and daughter Sachi
Meryl Streep and daughters Louisa, Grace and Mamie
Lady Diana and sons William and Harry

 Images Moms are awesome

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