Monday, June 14, 2010

Did someone say dinosaurs?

D is for Dinosaur
What kid doesn't love dinosaurs,they could excavate in the sandbox,Fill a small pool with dirt or sand to create the excavation site. Or use construction tape to designate a dig area in your yard. Bury any these items before the party: Real or plastic bones, Popsicle sticks, small dinosaur toys, or old coins. Equip each little paleontologist with a small shovel or soup spoon and a paint brush they can use to clean their finds (optional).
Use dinosaur paint sponges and kid friendly paint to make a dinosaur scene to take home. Don't forget to cover your art area and to provide large shirt smocks. Use dinosaur cookie cutters and play dough.

Cut a paper dinosaur shape for each child. Supply tissue paper and white school glue. Show the children how to tear and crinkle pieces of the tissue paper and then glue it on the dinosaur. Repeat until your dinosaur is filled with color.

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I hope these spark ideas for your own parties!

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