Friday, June 11, 2010

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cat in the hat

Who doesn't love the cat in the hat.This is a great theme for a baby shower, a kids party and another twist on Dr Seuss for twins is 'Thing one and Thing two'.


Raise the Red Paper's time to celebrate any joy or good fortune--pronounced Fu (luck) in Chinese--with Chinese-themed merrymaking.
Dim sum, tea, parosoles,and don't forget the fortune cookies....

These are made of paper..can you believe it!


This theme seems to be all the rage,from weddings to kids to even baby showers?

These images were taken from a celebrity party

Candy buffets, giant "wrapped candy" decor, lollipop borders, colorful plush toys, candy pillows, and more...better bring your sweet tooth to this super fun - and sugary sweet - birthday soirée!

Candy land theme is the best,you can even play the game with your guests and the children!

One of the best ways to organize this party is to have the guests visit each area of Candy Land, where they will do a game or activity. As you reach each station, read out the infamous description on the box before you do your activity.

As you start off, place a rainbow of balloons together for the kids to walk underneath as they begin their journey. Given it is the start of the game, have a rainbow taste test. Blindfold the kids and have them taste a variety of things, such as white sugar, lemon juice or lemon drops, orange carrots, etc. The taste test can be anything you want to put out, but make sure it utilizes those bright, primary colors. With the kids blindfolded, it will be a real surprise!

For Gum Drop Pass, have a big jar full of gum drops, and let the kids take turns guessing how many gum drops are inside!

For Mr. Mint, have the kids enjoy a relay race using a spoon and a peppermint. Divide the kids into two teams and have them race back and forth to see which team can finish first without dropping the peppermint!

For the Licorice Castle, have the kids make licorice bracelets. Use thin black and red licorice for the bracelet and let the kids string on colorful Cheerios for edible bracelets. Yum!

For Grandma Nut, make sure the kids have no peanut butter allergies, and if they can, give each a spoonful of peanut butter and see who can finish it first.

For Gloppy, have the kids fingerpaint their own masterpiece with chocolate. They will love this, but be prepared for a mess!

For Queen Frostine, have a crowning ceremony for the birthday girl, if you are celebrating for a little girl, and provide her with a cape and a crown! If the party is for a little boy, crown him King of Candy Land! Give out fun Ring Pops during the crowning event!

Cute party favor:


I have to admit this was one of my favorite parties to host.I planned this party for a friends party a few years ago and I went wild with all the things we could do! From games to crafts to decorations.

I have tons more ideas to share....I will check back

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