Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer....brings back memories of a gentler time?

I was thinking today as my daughter swam 17 laps for summer swim team and I sat diligently near by watching waiting and of course the occasional thumbs up, how different summer holidays are for our kids.Everything is so structured and organized.I actually have not signed my daughter up for much as, at Her delicate age of 10 years I don't think I have too many summers left where she will want to just hang out with mom. Unlike most of my mom friends who don't have a choice or have more than one child , it's not only a necessity but a relief.
Let's go back in time, not that far!!

I think back to my summer days and my mom wasn't looming over me worrying about strangers or my getting hurt(which I did,no helmets) We would ride are bikes for hours,climb trees go for walks ,just be.We were occasionally bored but tough,find something to do.I am very worried about the future of our coddled kids.I have vowed to cut my umbilical chord this summer and let my kid grow up naturally.I may get a few extra gray hairs but hopefully I will send my daughter out filled with confidence and excitement.
I am now off my soap box,carry on with whatever you were doing.

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